In 1963 of the first hotels in İZMİR and İZMİR which established the leader of quality hotel hotel with our warmly by our valued guests expect.

It’s a privilege to stay at the Hotel KÂYA;

A 56 year adventure, with its warm fire, quality and brand new original decor embraces all people of the world. Hotel KÂYA is a 5-minute walk from the city’s shopping, business, entertainment centers and Izmir Fair.

From past to present Hotel KÂYA;

ŞÜKRÜ KÂYA: Şükrü Kaya’s leadership in Izmir, founded in 1963, you introduced the firsts in Hotel KÂYA. We continue to take the first signing of this long adventure and invite you to share our innovations and all the beauties carefully prepared for you.

SEVİNÇ KÂYA : In this long adventure, the vision, knowledge and creativity of Sevinç Kaya the special human is making a big contribution.

FERHAN KÂYA: Dear Ferhan KÂYA contributes to advancement of technical and new issues of our hotel with the companies founded by him.

Dear mom Sevinç KÂYA and dear brother Ferhan KÂYA shared with us their ideas and efforts to offer you the beauty and provided Hotel KÂYA to be a brand and a special place.

ELVAN KÂYA: I am the same age with Hotel KÂYA. The hotel management is a profession for me very important and special. Especially Hotel KÂYA is a place where I never give up. I have tried to reflect the beauty of my trainings, my vision with my mind and my soul.

Principles of Hotel KÂYA

Hotel Kaya continues to be a place of success, confidence, discipline, innovation, knowledge, comfort, taste, pleasure, friendship, peace.